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Instoneair is able to provide comprehensive advice and recommendations to airlines unfamiliar with transporting animals or with companies requiring consultancy for specific projects.

  • We suggest the most suitable type of stall for a particular aircraft and route: for example, they could be
    rigid non-collapsible, partially collapsible or fully collapsible for charters
  • We advise on stocking densities, temperature control, groom numbers, loading methods, tranquilliser regulations, transit permit requirements and make sure all IATA, CITES, government and agricultural regulations are adhered to
  • We suggest the most effective ground handling procedures: unloading method, ‘walk-on/off’ using ramps or lifted by high-loader
  • We recommend the most appropriate airports to use and the most efficient handling companies. Some airports and handling companies are better-equipped to handle livestock than others
  • We are able to complete market analysis, cost evaluation and revenue projections for a specific route

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