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The main feature of the Airstable Droptop is that the roof can be lowered to belly height (63”). This enables the container to be (de)positioned in the belly holds of aircraft and can be used to carry small animals such as sheep, goats, calves etc. or other general cargo, in the bellies.

Airstable Droptop Features

  • Designed for wide bodied aircraft - 747/777/DC10/MD11 etc. with Left or Right or Double Contoured Roof (777/MD11)
  • Can also be centre loaded on A300/310
  • Converts quickly to cargo configuration
  • Simple to operate
  • Compatible with existing Unit Load Devices and has standard handling requirements
  • 4 way forklift base (optional)
  • Robust construction to minimise damage and repairs.
  • Fully adjustable partitions to provide variable width for each horse
  • Fully protects horses both in the aircraft and while on ground equipment
  • Ramps at both ends for unloading
  • Rear internal doors (optional)
  • Sliding hatches each side for groom and vet access
  • Lightweight roof lowers quickly for belly positioning
  • Attaches to 125/96 pallet (PMC/P6P)
  • Non slip rubberised floor
  • Entirely leakproof to prevent contamination of aircraft structure or other cargo
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Adjustable ventilation apertures to control light and airflow

Airstable Droptop Design Options
The original Airstable Droptop was designed by Instoneair in 1986, since when The Company has developed a full range of models originating from this highly successful design. The Company now designs and manufactures horse stalls to fit any aircraft type in any configuration. A comprehensive range of design options and features can be incorporated to meet an airline's specific requirements. There are now some 30 design options relating to the Airstable Droptop and our sales or design department will be delighted to discuss your requirements.

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