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Although primarily known for bloodstock transport the company also has a very active general cargo charter department, often having return availability after a livestock charter. The Instoneair charter department has many years of experience and a thorough knowledge of airlines throughout the world.

Our database holds details on thousands of the world’s airlines and freighter aircraft, enabling us to source the most appropriate aircraft to fulfil your specific needs – at the most cost effective price. We offer custom made solutions to all your charter problems and can offer a diverse range of aircraft from a Cessna Caravan to the giant 120 ton capacity Antonov 124.

The types of charters arranged include:

  • Livestock
  • Urgent shipments - oil field parts - ships spares - production line components
  • Outsize cargo - off line or too big or heavy for scheduled flights
  • Hazardous - cargo aircraft only
  • Relief supplies - humanitarian aid - generators
  • Perishables
  • Bands on tour
  • Sub-service, supplemental aircraft, contract flying or long term leases

We handle all aspects of a cargo charter. This includes providing the aircraft; arranging aircraft and cargo handling; traffic rights; fuel and road transport; organising crew transport/hotels - nothing is left to chance. We provide the most suitable aircraft for the job, at a realistic price.

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