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Instoneair represents a number of airlines and acts as bloodstock GSA. We handle all sales, logistics and provide complete operational support. Our responsibilities can include:

  • Providing horse containers
  • Container maintenance and repairs
  • Container tracking, positioning and cleaning
  • Sales and marketing
  • Liaison with shippers
  • Applying for transit permits
  • Ensuring export documentation is in order
  • Arranging groom tickets/hotels/positioning
  • Monitoring International Health Protocols and Quarantine Regulations
  • Provision of Fully Qualified Flying Grooms
  • Market Research, Statistics and Forecasts

Instoneair staff assist with the loading and despatch of every shipment and in the case of charters, Instoneair loadmasters travel on the aircraft. The loadmaster is also a qualified groom.

We have GSA or marketing arrangements or provide containers to many of the leading freighter and combi operators. Our Airstable range has been used on a contract or ad hoc basis for both scheduled services and charters with a large number of airlines, including:
Air Canada, Air China Cargo, Air New Zealand, Air Transport International, ANA, Atlas, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, DHL, DXB Airwing, Emirates, EVA, Fedex, Lufthansa, Malaysian, Martinair, MNG, NCA, Polar, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Saudia, Singapore Airlines, ULS and many others.

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