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Once a charter is booked, Instoneair follows a set procedure to ensure all the requirements are carried out and logistics are co-ordinated:

  • types of horses are checked ie. are they thoroughbreds (medium size), show jumpers/eventers (large), horses in training (lively and valuable), yearlings (small, young, untravelled), polo ponies (small/quiet).
  • stalls are allocated. Liaison with the shipper ascertains which stalls are required, triples, quads, doubles etc.
  • an Instone loadmaster is assigned to the charter.
  • ground handling facilities are checked. Availability of hi-loader (main deck or belly loader); loading ramps (if a walk-on system is being used); availability of fork lifts; cleaning equipment etc. is established.
  • relevant Department of Agriculture regulations are checked in country of origin and destination. Do aircraft/horse stalls need disinfecting and is an agriculture department cleaning certificate required?
  • protective materials ordered - polythene/cellotex/soft board/Skymat.
  • equipment is positioned to the departure airport.
  • grooms are assigned if not provided by shipper; we provide up to 17 on a 747 from a pool of professional flying grooms. These grooms are fully familiar both with airline procedures and the special requirements of animals while in flight.

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