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Instoneair horse stalls can be divided into five main types:-
  1. Airstable Rigid 747 / 777 / MD11 fully enclosed rigid - suitable for 747 / 777 / MD11 and other wide bodied types
  2. Airstable Droptop 747 / 777 / MD11 (roof lowers for belly positioning) - suitable for 747 / 777 / MD11 and other wide bodied types
  3. Airstable Fully Collapsible 747 / 777 / MD11 - designed to be collapsed and assembled in minutes. Can be stacked on top of each other for economical (de)positioning. Suitable for 747 / 777 / MD11 and other wide bodied types
  4. Charter Stall - collapsible (wide-bodied) - fully collapsible, palletised and with canopy, suitable for 747, 777, MD11 and oher wide bodied types, generally used on full charters
  5. Charter Stall - collapsible (narrow-bodied) - ‘walk on / walk off - without canopy - for aircraft - 757 / 737 / A300 / A310 / 727 / AN-12 / TU-204, generally used on full charters

NOTE: All Airstable models can be centre loaded on A300/310

Instoneair is very flexible in the way containers can be provided. We can supply containers and ancillary services such as grooms, trucking, protective materials, (polythene / softboard / shredded paper) buckets, water containers, cleaning, disinfecting etc. We can also incorporate a maintenance contract to ensure containers are always in first rate, serviceable condition.

The stalls are available as follows:
Ad hoc rental: - rental on a per use basis

Contract Rental: - a fixed price per stall for a set period regardless of the number of uses. It might be for a week, month or year and can include maintenance

Outright Sale: stalls are available for purchase and can include a maintenance or spares package. Most spares are available ex stock from one of our depots in UK, USA, Australia, Middle East or Hong Kong

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