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Instoneair provides a comprehensive worldwide service, using regular scheduled cargo carriers.

On scheduled service 747 / 777 / DC10 / MD11 aircraft, the self-contained Instoneair Airstable is used, being recognised as the best available for scheduled service flights. It allows the horse to travel comfortably and safely and to arrive unstressed.

Detailed quotes can be supplied promptly, together with schedules.

  • Once a scheduled service booking is confirmed, Instoneair allocates the appropriate Airstable and the service department checks to ensure it is in good condition.
  • The stall is cleaned and disinfected and on most flights, an Instoneair representative is on hand to assist with the loading of the horses and operation of the container.
  • All the Airstables are tracked by Instoneair and are checked at each destination before being (de)positioned to their next destination.
  • Where possible, Airstables are deployed to airports where return loads can be obtained, minimising the number of containers that are (de)positioned empty.

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