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Instoneair has designed and constructed a variety of loading ramps, dolly ramps and veterinary inspection pens, to assist in the loading of both horses and livestock.

Static ramps are generally used for 'walk on (off)' charters and can be used for both horses and livestock. Ramps have been positioned in Europe and USA and some can be positioned to an airport by towing, or loaded on a low loader. There are a variety of designs, some of which incorporate power-driven hydraulics, so the ramp platform can be raised or lowered in seconds at the touch of a button. Other ramps are raised and lowered manually.

Portable ramps have been designed to be carried on board aircraft to be used for charters, where no static ramp is available.

Dolly ramps have been designed to load horses from the ground into 'Airtables'. These are either heavy-duty, static types or portable so that they can be carried around on an aircraft.

Veterinary inspection pens have been designed so that vets can inspect horses being unloaded from 'Airstables'. Horses walk out of the 'Airstable' into the inspection pen and then out the other end directly into a truck. This allows the vet to inspect the animals in a safe, secure environment and prevents the horses touching the ground, which is a quarantine requirement in some countries.