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An essential element of bloodstock transport is groom expertise and experience. Instoneair can provide highly experienced, professional, fully trained, flying grooms from a pool, although these are usually provided by the shipping agent. All grooms are certified by AATA or hold a NVQ qualification and a certificate of competence issued by UK Agriculture Department DEFRA.

Instoneair loadmasters travel on every flight.

They are responsible for all or some of the following:

  • Pre-flight load planning
  • Assembling the horse stalls
  • Ensuring the horse stalls are secured to the aircraft pallets
  • Loading the horses into the stalls
  • Feed/watering/inspection during flight
  • Monitoring temperature / humidity during flight
  • Offload of horses / stalls
  • Dismantling of the stalls
  • Disinfection and stall cleaning
  • The palletisation of the stalls or the re-installation of the stalls in the aircraft, whichever is required
  • Reporting any stall damage to the UK maintenance base
  • Liaison with the shipping agent / exporter
  • Reporting to the Instoneair Operations Centre

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