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Although Instoneair is best known for the transportation of bloodstock and livestock, The Company is also actively involved in various other aspects of the aviation industry. The services we provide can be divided into several categories:


  • Provision of full range of horse stalls for both narrow-bodied and wide-bodied aircraft, for scheduled services and charters. Equipment can be purchased, rented on a per use basis or leased for long periods.
  • General sales agents representing various airlines and acting as bloodstock marketing office for both scheduled and charter services.
  • Bloodstock charter brokers supplying range of charter aircraft equipped with Instoneair stalls.
  • Design and construction of ancillary loading equipment, such as loading ramps, animal quarantine inspection pens, dolly ramps, loading corrals, etc. Design and construction of cattle pens and livestock containers.
  • Consultants, developing a complete system for airlines not familiar with the transportation of livestock, transport of zoo animals and exotics, including provision of crates/pens.
  • Provision of fully qualified grooms and loadmasters for livestock flights.


  • Freight charter brokers actively involved in providing suitable charter aircraft throughout the world, at competitive prices.
  • Passenger charter brokers supplying all types of passenger aircraft.
  • Quarantine premises designers. Design, construction and operation of Border Inspection Posts, such as that in use at Stansted Airport.