We recently co-ordinated a complex operation for the relocation of the beautiful lioness ‘Zara’, from Rabat Zoo in Morocco to her new home at Hannover Zoo, Germany. We are very pleased to hear that she is settling in well. Zara is part of an important conservation project to help protect and preserve the rare Barbary lion species, and we are delighted to have played a small part in this vital conservation work.

Zara’s journey required careful planning and co-ordination by Instone Air from start to finish, to ensure as quick and smooth a journey as possible. The operation went very well, with the lioness remaining calm throughout and arriving at her destination in good health. Zara travelled first class on her flight from Casablanca to Brussels on Royal Air Maroc and thanks to our excellent partners at Transtar in Morocco and Crossborder Animal Services in Brussels, we were able to co-ordinate road transport on either side of the flight to ensure that there were no delays.

Press release from Hannover Zoo https://www.zoo-hannover.de/de/aktuelles/news/Berberloewin-Zara-eingetroffen-

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