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We are experts in providing a worldwide logistics service organising animal transport by air. With over 40 years experience in animal air transport and almost 100 years connected to the aviation industry, we can help you with the transportation of livestock, bloodstock or exotic animals, as well as freight and passenger charters, and much more. Visit our services page to find out more.

We also design, manufacture and operate our range of ‘Airstable’ horse containers and are the only UK company licensed by EASA / CAA to design and manufacture certified horse containers to ETSO standards.

If you have a specific question, would like to talk to us about animal transport, or find out more about any of the services we provide, please contact us.


Instone Air Line carried the first horse on an aircraft in 1919



InstoneAir has a reputation for providing a first rate service, handling the logistics for the air transport of horses. Our customers are assured that we make their requirements and the welfare of the animals an absolute priority.
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Our full range of livestock containers are suitable for schedule and charter services on both narrow-bodied and wide-bodied aircraft. The company has a great deal of knowledge of the best way to transport pigs, cattle, goats and alpaca, including stocking densities and optimum temperatures. All transport is carried out in accordance with the IATA Live Animal Regulations.
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Zoo Animals

We have extensive experience of organising exotic animal transport for zoos, wildlife parks and breeding programmes. These include elephants, giraffe, rhinos and lion moving on scheduled services and charter aircraft. We take care of all the details and logistics for what can often be a complex process.
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We are the only UK company designing, manufacturing, and operating fully compliant EASA certified aircraft horse stalls – Airstables. Our range of Airstables includes Rigids, DropTops (roof lowers for positioning in bellies) and Fully Collapsibles (4 empty containers can be stacked on 1 aircraft pallet).
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With the huge amount of knowledge gained over many years, we are able to assist and advise airlines and companies who may be unfamiliar with transporting animals. This could be for one off or multiple shipments or longer term projects.
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We design and manufacture a full range of animal stalls and pens. Our team of experts includes structural, stress, aeronautical and design engineers who are constantly updating and improving our horse and livestock containers using the latest materials and technology.
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