Although InstoneAir is best known for animal air transport, we are also actively involved in other areas of the aviation industry. Through our links with major airlines we can provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet all of our clients needs. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

General Sales Agent (GSA)

We can represent airlines and act as bloodstock marketing office for both scheduled and charter services.

We have GSA or marketing arrangements and provide containers to many of the leading freighter operators. Our ‘Airstable’ range has been used on a contract or ad hoc basis for both scheduled services and charters with a large number of airlines.

Border Inspection Facilities

With our knowledge of the complex design requirements and EU regulations surrounding quarantine premises, we can design, construct and operate Border Inspection Posts (BIP), as well as acting as consultants on these projects.

InstoneAir designed and constructed the Stansted Airport Border Inspection Post (Stansted BIP). This facility is used to inspect live animals and animal products on entry into the UK from non EU countries. The project included close liaison with BAA / DEFRA / EU Commission and it took some 3 years from conception to completion. 

Stansted BIP

Loadmasters / Grooms

An essential element of bloodstock transport is groom expertise and experience. If required, InstoneAir can provide highly experienced, trained flying grooms. All grooms are certified by ATA or hold a NVQ qualification and a certificate of competence issued by UK agriculture department DEFRA.

InstoneAir loadmasters travel on every charter flight. They are responsible for ensuring that the flight goes smoothly, from pre-flight load planning and assembling of stalls, to loading and unloading the horses and keeping shippers up to date.


    We offer a consultancy service, providing comprehensive advice and recommendations to airlines unfamiliar with animal transport or for companies requiring consultancy for specific projects. This could include developing a complete system for airlines not familiar with the transportation of animals or advising on transport of zoo animals and exotics, including provision of suitable crates/pens.

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