Instone Air Line carried the first horse on an aircraft in 1919


We are specialists in animal air transport. With over 40 years experience in the business and 100 years connected to the aviation industry, InstoneAir are experts in organising air transport for all types of equines, livestock and exotic animals. As well as animal shipment, we offer freight and passenger charters and much more. Through our links with major airlines we can provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet all of our clients needs. Visit our services page to find out more.
We also design, manufacture and operate our range of Airstable horse containers and are the only UK company licensed by EASA / CAA to design and manufacture certified horse containers to ETSO standards.
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Whether it is a relocation of miniatures or a champion racehorse heading for the Breeders Cup, we are market-leaders in equine air transport. We offer scheduled service flights and charter flights depending on suitability and availability. All horses are flown in our world-renowned ‘Airstable’ horse stall range. Find out more..


We offer transport solutions for all types of livestock including cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and alpaca, on charters or scheduled services worldwide. We provide a comprehensive logistics service, finding the best solution for any shipment, no matter how large or small.

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Having worked with many wildlife organisations we are experts in air transport logistics for zoo animals and exotics. We can take care of everything from sourcing the most suitable aircraft, careful route planning to keep stops to a minimum, to monitoring in-flight conditions and supplying bespoke shipping crates. Find out more…


We are able to offer a consultancy service to assist and advise airlines and companies who may be unfamiliar with animal transport. This could be for one off or multiple shipments as well as for longer term projects.
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We are the only UK company designing and manufacturing fully compliant EASA certified aircraft horse stalls – AirStables. Our range of AirStables includes Rigids, DropTops and Fully Collapsibles . We also have a range of livestock containers and offer bespoke solutions for exotic animals. All equipment is available to purchase as a one-off or to rent. Find out more…


We design and manufacture a full range of animal stalls and pens. Our team of experts includes structural, stress, aeronautical and design engineers who are constantly updating and improving our horse and livestock containers using the latest materials and technology.
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Enable – Breeders Cup Mile superstar comes home

Enable – Breeders Cup Mile superstar comes home

InstoneAir provided a 777 freighter on behalf of Newbury based LG Bloodstock to take 22 French and English runners from Stansted to Kentucky. The horses were destined for the Breeders Cup at Churchill Downs. After the races the horses returned on a 747 freighter and...

Ballydoyle and Coolmore fly with InstoneAir

Ballydoyle and Coolmore fly with InstoneAir

Ballydoyle and Coolmore chose InstoneAir to arrange to fly their horses from Ireland to Kentucky for The Breeders Cup. Horses including Mendelssohn, Hunting Horn and Van Beethoven flew out on a 777 charter for trainer Aidan O’Brien and 30 top class yearlings flew back...

Devils Horsemen

Devils Horsemen

InstoneAir provided a chartered a AN12 freighter to transport 19 horses from France to Tenerife for filming Wonder Woman 2, returning to the UK after filming was completed. A ‘walk on/off’ horse stall system was used for these charters and an Instone loadmaster flew...

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