As well as equine flights, we have also been busy with livestock. As with all of our shipments, meticulous planning is required to ensure safe loading and travel of the animals.

We recently assisted with the shipment of over a hundred pedigree dairy cows to the Middle East. The operation went smoothly from start to finish, with the cows loading well and arriving in good condition.

The crates were ready at the airport, having been delivered and prepared in advance of the flight, all with plenty of fresh woodshavings ready for the cattle. Our specialist loading equipment including a low loading ramp was on hand to make loading safe and efficient.

The larger cows were loaded into into our InstoneAir Airstables – these are usually used for horses but with the partitions stripped out they are very safe and secure for larger breeds. The smaller cows were able to travel in our lightweight cattle pens.

Loading dairy cows into Airstable